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British Empire 04/08/2023 — The Forbes Coaches Council, a forum for top business and career coaches, has approved Beaulah Chizimba, founder, CEO, healthcare leadership, and career development coach of LIMITLESS NURSES. Limitless Nurses is a company that supports nurses and other healthcare professionals in their efforts to flourish in the workplace and progress their careers.

A review committee chose Beaulah Chizimba based on the breadth and diversity of HER experience. Acceptance requirements include a track record of positively influencing business growth indicators as well as accolades and personal and professional accomplishments.

Beaulah Chizimba has access to a range of special possibilities as a Council member that are intended to assist her achieve her highest level of professional impact. In a confidential forum, she will interact and work together with other reputable leaders. Additionally, Beaulah Chizimba will have the chance to collaborate with other experts on published professional Panels and share HER professional thoughts in unique stories on

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Forbes Council of Coaches, a wonderful group of businessmen who share a dedication to professional achievement. I have complete faith in the community’s capacity for transformation, and I have no doubt that working together will benefit each of our different endeavors greatly. As we set out on this journey together, my goal is to use the knowledge and insights gained from this forum to strengthen the leadership position that my organization currently holds, both within the Limitless Nurses community and within the broader context of leadership and career advancement in the healthcare industry. We can use our combined knowledge to create meaningful change and equal opportunity for all professionals.


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