Christmas hamper

Alongside the old- school traditional luxury hampers, Marshall and Brown is breaking through the market. 

Now a double Great Taste Awards winning brand, they’re diligently constructing a reputation for delivering luxury and artisan foods inspired by Jamaica. 

 exalting all the best of Caribbean food and drink, Marshall & Brown’s hamper has 

  • Mama Brown’s rum cakes 
  • The Jerk House Sauces, 
  • Artisan rum truffles 
  • A bottle of Appleton rum 
  • A range of their chutneys and sauces 

In a UK winter, it’s truly bringing the Caribbean sun in a box. 

 There are two hampers available 

  •  Marshall and Brown Kingston Hamper-RRP£ 165 
  • Marshall and Brown Caribbean Hamper-RRP£ 75 


Notes to Editors 

The inspiration behind Marshall and Brown came from originator Dr Carlton Brown’s mother, who’s 97, and his mother-in- law. The organisation is named after these two amazing matriarchs – Olive Brown and Eugenia Marshall – who were both born on the beautiful island of Jamaica. 

Dr Carlton grew up around food, family, friends, music, fun and the rich heritage of Jamaican culture. Whilst on vacation in Jamaica four years ago, he began contemplating about his heritage and how he could pay homage to both his mom and mother-in- law. 

 The usual thread was food – Jamaica is a hotbed of intriguing and wonderful flavours and spices, with a rich and different heritage. One of the most prominent traditions within Jamaica is to jerk, and as both his mom and mother-in- law were passionate cooks, it became the clear choice that he wanted to bring something contemporary to the market. 

 The brands within the family of Marshall & Brown include 

 The Jerk House sauces 

  •  Mama Brown’s Cakes 
  •  Marshall & Brown Rum Truffles & Vegan Rum Truffles 
  •  Marshall & Brown Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee 
  •  Marshall & Brown Chutneys ( launched November 2020) 
  •  Marshall and Brown Hampers 


Source: Marshall and Brown