The founder and CEO of Happy Student, Aram Tufan, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the ‘Early-Stage, Stands Out’ category. Happy Student is a cutting-edge platform that assists students in adjusting to new academic settings and cities.

The idea for Happy Student originated from research conducted by Aram that revealed both domestic and international students had trouble adjusting to new environments. Students who are traveling to study can get the knowledge they need on the platform. This contains instructions on how to register with GPs, set up utilities, open bank accounts, sign up for mobile phone contracts, and use the city’s transportation system.

“It is an honor to be named as one of the country’s top businesspeople. This recognition highlights the difference we’re making in the lives of students as well as the hard work of my team at Happy Student. It acts as a source of inspiration for us to carry on with our work and broaden our influence. added Aram.

Aram drew on his personal knowledge gained while attending the University of Westminster. Aram was born in Batman, Turkey, and his inspiring trip through Istanbul and Southeast Turkey to reach London is evidence of his perseverance. His entrepreneurial spirit has since been fuelled by the life-changing encounters he experienced, and as a result, the idea for Happy Student was born.

“I realized that a better transition would have allowed me to completely enjoy the cultural experiences London had to offer and enhance my studies because I am an international student myself. I think Happy Student will be crucial for incoming students and their time at university because of this,” Aram continued.

Universities can customize the platform so they can add their own resources in addition to the included ones, and it is not just limited to London.

The Great British Entrepreneurship Awards 2023 will provide a venue for the future’s brightest brains, like Aram Tufan, to be honored and valued.