Today, the Tour of Britain, the premier cycling event in the UK, announced Accurist as their official timekeeper through 2023. The Tour of Britain Origin watch, which is a limited edition.

With the largest yearly free-to-air television program in the nation combined, this alliance establishes a union centered on Britishness. watchmaker generation and a sporting event. Accurist, which was founded in London in 1946, produces high-quality watches that are authentic to their origins.

Accurist has created a limited edition watch based on the Tour of Britain to commemorate being the official timekeeper of the race on their bestselling Origin line. The watch has subtle references to both cycling as a sport and the Tour of Britain.

The use of color throughout the design, the selection of an additional fast release strap, and the dial texture that is distinctive.

Using only 100

These uniquely numbered watches are available; they will also be distributed to all eight stage winners. From a few independent merchants as well as the Accurist website online.

Oliver Archer, brand manager for Accurist, remarks on the company’s new partnership with The Tour of Britain: “Accurist has

been at the core of British timekeeping forever. Since its establishment in London, Accurist has gained a reputation for precision,

Affordability and meticulousness. With the support of the speaking clock and millennium countdown, we setting the time for all other watches in the UK, it became a household name.

We are excited to support the Tour of Britain, a fantastic cycling event, with our exact timing.

vital for all participants and supporters.

At significant spots throughout this year’s race, which starts on Sunday in Greater Manchester, Accurist branding will be noticeable.

3 September, as well as the TV broadcasts of the competitions.