Do you know someone who is passionate about journalism and has a disability? Ability Today, an innovative social organization devoted to empowering people with disabilities, is looking for disabled people of all ages from throughout the UK to join them on a journey into the media and journalism industries.

With an unmatched dedication to diversity, Ability Today has helped more than 80 disabled people gain new skills and transition into lucrative media careers.

The way is now clear for more people to join this incredible movement. The acclaimed and in-demand Diploma in Journalism, presented in association with the Academy for Disabled Journalists and recognized by the esteemed National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), has a limited number of openings.

Through their academy, you can also get the Foundation Journalism Certificate at the entry level. With the use of cutting-edge technology, these courses have broken down the obstacles that have prevented too many people from obtaining an education.

Grant Logan, the organization’s founder and a visionary who overcome adversity, founded Ability Today in 2014 from his base in Surrey with the goal of maximizing the potential of people with disabilities of all ages.

The outstanding success stories of former students who now flourish at renowned media behemoths like ITV, the BBC, and many other news organizations serve as evidence of the programs offered by Ability Today’s programs’ transformative potential.

ITV journalist Jamie Green, 29, from Didcot, Oxfordshire, is one such success story whose journey highlights the influence of Ability Today’s support. Green claimed that he couldn’t have succeeded without Ability Today. “My transition into journalism was a seamless experience thanks to their approachable approach to the NCTJ diploma.”

The inspirational creator of Ability Today and resident of Chobham, Surrey, Grant Logan, 51, is a survivor of a life-altering accident who personifies the organization’s unrelenting commitment. Our goal is to highlight the abilities of persons with impairments rather than their limitations, according to Logan. “We are illuminating new avenues, closing gaps, and guaranteeing that the world of journalism becomes an open stage for people with disabilities to shine.”

In addition to James Nelson in Edinburgh, Joanne Halliday from Annan, Dr. Julie McElroy from Glasgow, Lisa Kavaney from Norfolk, Victoria Scholes from Sunbury on Thames, Ellie Forrester from Shropshire, Tom Jackson-Wood from Hertfordshire, and Kim To and Georgie Morell from London, many Academy students who studied for the CFJ went on to enroll in the Diploma Course.

The mission of Ability Today is to remove obstacles that for far too long have limited the aspirations of people with disabilities. Ability Today is leveling the playing field and opening up a plethora of new opportunities by fostering accessibility, support, and fair adaptations. According to Logan, “We are paving the way for disabled people to embrace fulfilling careers, boosting their self-belief, confidence, motivation, and workforce integration.”

As Ability Today continues to open doors for countless disabled people to pursue meaningful careers, the social enterprise expanded its educational offering by launching an SEO course with Novos earlier this year, establishing the Academy for Disabled Bookkeepers with Kaplan Financial Services, and in talks with CX Training and website development firms for additional courses.

Take advantage of this opportunity if you’re prepared to plan your journey into the fascinating world of journalism and the media. By September 15, potential candidates are encouraged to submit a 300-word story online at the Ability Today website.

For those who are accepted, an induction is scheduled for September 26 and informative online lessons begin every Tuesday on October 3. The essential journalism, media law, ethics, PR and communications, video journalism, digital audience engagement, and public affairs courses are among the course’s highlights. Additionally, students can choose to take modules in sports journalism, practical magazine journalism, and shorthand.

Visit the Ability Today website to learn more about the Academy for Disabled Journalists and to see the motivational stories of former students.