Christmas tree

COP26 is on our doorstep and every business is now thinking about what they can do to be more sustainable. 

Rob & Charlie, the founders of Box & Sprout, are pleased to advertise that, once Christmas is over, they’re offering a collection service for every Christmas tree they vend to their London customers. 

“ We ’ve looked at our plans for Christmas and how we can be more sustainable,” Charlie says. “We love Christmas and especially having a nice tree in the house. But I remember last time, just after Christmas, walking through the streets of London and seeing all the discarded trees. It was a enough sad sight.” 


 So having found the problem, the Box & Sprout team set-out to find a new method of selling Christmas trees. 

This time, Box & Sprout are offering their guests a choice. They’re only retailing living trees in pots, so the client can choose to keep the tree until coming time. Or Box & Sprout will come and collect every Christmas tree that they sell, with the client collecting a 20 voucher for coming time’s tree. 


 “ We ’re not here to tell people what they should and should not do this Christmas. It’s been a tough few years for everyone, and so we ’re completely behind bringing some joy and positivity this Winter season. But we also suppose that customers should be given further choice when it comes to their Christmas trees. And if we can make it a really good offer, it’s a win for the client, a win for us and a win for the earth,” says Rob. 

Box & Sprout plan on keeping the trees on their point until the coming year. 


 “ It’s not a thing we ’re really set-up to do,” Charlie says, “ but we ’re making space on our point to do it and we ’re making the plan for how to look out for the trees until the coming time. We ’re using this year as a test year to see if we can make this a really sustainable model we repeat time after time.” 

Box & Sprout have four sizes of living, potted Christmas trees available on their website starting at £ 45. Box & Sprout are only delivering in London this time, but they hope to expand soon. 


Source: Box & Sprout