Britain & Ireland Loves Baking gets in the Christmas spirit by giving everything, from bread, cakes to chocolate bars, from shortbread to gingerbread, a completely gleeful makeover. They’ve Santa shaking the cocktail cakes and Mrs Clause designing a kid’s baking course, and they also rounded up some reindeer and snowmen to produce their Gingerbread creations. 


Last year Britain Loves Baking helped the Nation bake its way through the Christmas Lockdown, so this time they aimed to bring people together to use their newfound expertise to make some spectacular Christmas Delicacies. This is a real chance to make up for lost time – as numerous of us were separated from friends and families last time. They’ve come up with an entire new collection of Christmastime bakes for everyone to enjoy together. So, whether you ’ve come a baking buff during lockdown, or if you ’re a baking newbie, they’ve you covered. 


Christmas would n’t be Crimble without a cocky tipple so let’s get started with some blended Christmas Cakes. Who would n’t want an Expresso Martini Cutlet?-layers of rich coffee cutlet carpeted with pure organic vodka coffee syrup and its vegan, their first of 4 new Vegan and Gluten Free products. Delicious! (£ 32). Just for adults and elderly brownies of course, for everyone under 18 they do make a Mocktail version. 


Just for little bones their cookers converted Mrs Clause to part with her favourite bakes and come up Kiddies Christmas Baking Course (£40.00) in a box, with easy-to- follow fashions with each bag numbered, suitable for indeed the youthful cookers. It all comes with an instrument of achievement- so Santa knows who’s a “ good little chef” this Christmas. 

For those of you who like a simple life, or just starting out on your baking trip, what could be easier than a Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Baking Box. (£ 15) It has to be one of the cutest baking accoutrements around. It makes tasty Shortbread men, dip the little guys in rich Belgian Chocolate or you can make foamy Shortbread stars to light up those chilly Christmas nights and give Rudolf commodities to steer by. 


Christmas is amazing of course, but for some it can also be a stressful time Britain Loves Baking believes in the joyous power of baking to soothe the mind and put us stoutly in the moment. To celebrate this, they’ve created a Aware and Wellness Gingerbread and lately ignited Gingerbread scented Candle & Baking Box. (£ 28) Like all their bakes, this box demands the attention of our minds to follow the form, and our senses to enjoy how the process looks, tastes, and feels. Each box contains ingredients, recipes and one of their new handwrought candles- made with eco wax and vegan-friendly natural essential canvases. It makes an ideal gift for anyone who needs a gentle mood lift this Christmas. 

Baking is n’t baking without bread, and nothing beats the smell of lately ignited chuck, so this time their Bread Baking Box (£ 20) got a gleeful make over with a Tear & Partake Garlic & Herb Tree, served with a fiery Tomato & Onion Jam made in Newport for the Welshman’s Lunch a original family run business and for the Jnr chuck cookers they get to make their veritably own Rudolf the Bread Nosed Reindeer Bread. This Chocolate chuck form was created by the founder & CEO as a way to educate his youngish sisters how to singe. 


Every Christmas deserves a Gingerbread house and this Christmas they wanted to eclipse last time’s trouble with their Gingerbread House Baking Box (Family edition) enough to produce a Gingerbread Avenue! with 4 cute houses, one for each of the family, the fashions was handed down to them by their German Grandmother and to keep it traditional this time’s box comes with the cutest traditional rustic sculpted Santa, reindeer and snowmen. But If you do n’t fancy erecting a road or a Townhouse, there’s a Gingerbread Biscuit Baking Box so the family can make Gingerbread Men, stained glass sugar stars and their own bitsy mini houses to munch on over a warm gleeful drink. 


Founder and Chief Baking Officer, Greg Wixted Reflected; “ This is our second Christmas and we wanted to produce some really introductory baking boxes that consumers could do together as musketeers, family and co-workers. From our Gold Macaron & Goldtini boxes to our Christmas Tree Cake kit, there is a commodity for everyone this time. Part of our purpose is to help take care of the Nations internal health and to promote the benefits baking provides those, 1 in 4, who suffer from psychological health issues. So, we created our Mindful Activity Boxes, as with our former boxes and through lockdown we blessed up to 20 boxes a week for free to those in need, decided by our customers. The box provides a healthy distraction and enables them to concentrate on something restorative, relaxing and enjoy delicious bakes at the end, than the discordance around them and as we’ve a lot more customers, we can support more people this Christmas” 


The Christmas 2021 range is available now on the Britain Loves Baking and Ireland Loves Baking websites, from the coming week on Deliveroo and Uber Eats in London. 


Source: Britain Loves Baking