It’s Children’s Book Week this week and national children’s dance school babyballet ® has released a book to get children not only reading but dancing too! 

Entitled Twinkle and Teddy in the Rainforest, the interactive story book features the much-favored babyballet mascots going on their veritably own adventure through the rainforest. The story book takes your little star on that actual same journey, meeting creatures along the way and giving the reader the opportunity to dance with Twinkle and Teddy at home to three well- loved babyballet songs! 

Through exploring the rainforest, the educational essentials of the narrative give children delightful information and the chance to download and complete their own animal activity sheets! And with three scannable QR codes in the book, readers are presented with the chance to ‘tune into’ the interactive rudiments of the story, so they can sing and dance along with Twinkle and Teddy at home. 

 With beautiful illustrations to accompany, the story has been written by teacher, Sue Parsons, who assured the educational value of the experience is as great as the entertainment. Sue said, “ It’s so instigative to be releasing this book! What a wonderful chance for little stars to further explore the dance world and its characters using both educational and creative stimulants. Early times children will love joining Twinkle, Teddy and their friends, Flutterstar the Fairy, Chuck the Cowboy, Grandad Jack and Kitty the Car on their adventures at the Castle in the Sky and beyond!” 

This book release is an important step in the development of babyballet, as the children’s dance school encourages more children around the world to dance and express their creativity. Claire O’Connor, the author of babyballet, said, “ This is the inception of a stimulating new chapter for babyballet. By releasing this book, more children around the world will have the opportunity of being introduced to our characters and enjoy the benefits of our fun- loving active brand. And with the story taking place in an exciting setting, children can learn about new places and animals while having lots of fun! We can not wait to see our magical world of babyballet come to life in this book and to see how it’ will inspire and educate existing and new babyballet stars around the world! 

 “ Twinkle and Teddy in the Rainforest launched exclusively in the UK on Sunday 7th November. We have readings taking place at classes around the UK this week and we can hardly wait to see the  reactions-and dancing-from all the children involved!” 

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