Hope Spring, a charity ecard website, now makes it easy to say beautiful words of appreciation or gratitude “Thank You” in a remarkable and creative way for a favour we received in our daily social interaction or other general kind gestures from a friend, family member or a colleague. The ecard platform on Friday announced that they will be  launching 8 new “Thank You” ecards along with 4 new gift cards at their office in Hereford. These  ecards will be available to the general public to send and say “thank you” for some kind gestures or favour which they directly or indirectly received. 


Commenting on the new “thank you” ecards, Hope Spring trustee and co-designer of the new ecards, Temi Odurinde, said that it is common for people to make generous donations as a way of showing gratitude to someone from whom they received a favour in one way or another, if such favour generally requires a payment but this kind fellow will not accept any payment. He (Temi) suggested that such a person can send this kind fellow one of the Hope Spring ‘Thank You” ecards and make a donation to the water charity.  He said “the person you send the thank you ecard to will know that you have made a donation to Hope Spring”.


It is announced that come Monday 14th June, 2021, the new “thank you” ecards will be launched along with their Father’s Day ecards. The ecards will be available to the general public to send on their website in the  thank you ecards section. 


Hope Spring, a water charity that fights water poverty in West Africa, has been in existence for over six years. Most of their fundraising activities have to be stopped as a result of CONVID pandemic, and the ecard website has been the only fundraising source to fall back on, to provide funds for their water poverty alleviation projects across the regions of West Africa where safe and clean water is a major challenge. Kindly visit their website or their social media pages for information about this charity and to render some support in helping the charity achieve its objectives.