A mental health advisor from North London, Miss Hayley Deaner, has raised over 2000 pounds for Hope Spring charity in an effort to fight period poverty in Nigeria. Miss Deaner along with her friends and family took part in a fundraising event on Sunday the 26th of March 2022 to raise money for the Hereford based charity. The event involved running, walking or cycling and each participant could do his or her share at a time that suited him or her. 

Miss Deaner decided to take on the task of fundraising for period poverty alleviation after seeing a BBC documentary on the challenges women in Nigeria face during their monthly cycle as a result of poor access to information and resources to manage their menstrual health and hygiene.

Before deciding on Hope Spring charity, Miss Deaner spoke to a number of charities about the possibility of fundraising for combating period poverty. The previous and current  period poverty alleviation campaigns championed by the Hereford based charity was cited as one of the reasons the 26-year-old chose them. She was also convinced that the funds raised will be ring fenced for period poverty alleviation outreach.

Harley’s original target was  £1,000. But she was encouraged to review the amount to £2,000 as friends and family signed up to her event. A few days after the fundraising event ended, £340 was raised in excess of £2,000.

While commenting on this fundraising, Hope Spring administrator and social media manager Seun Olonade said “we are totally pleased and grateful for the funds Hayley and her friends raised. We are happy to make it known that we have already started identifying potential beneficiaries”.  She added that “we expect to help lift hundreds of women out of period poverty with Hayley’s fundraiser”