Hope Spring, an international clean water advocacy organisation with a headquarters in Herefordshire, today announced the release of its first collection of charitable holiday ecards for 2023. For the past three years, the international development NGO has released a series of Christmas eCards each year as part of its fundraising efforts in the final quarter of each year.

The twelve cats of Christmas is the name of the collection of Christmas eCards that was just unveiled, a playful parody on the hymn “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The twelve cats of Christmas eCards each day leading up to Christmas included a different popular cat breed that can be found in British homes. The twelve cats on display ranged from the well-known and widespread moggy to the unusual Korat and Bengal cats.

The twelve cats of Christmas eCard is a great Christmas greeting card for cat lovers, says Seun Olonade, manager of the Hope Spring eCard platform and social media. She continued, “The popularity of our cats charity birthday ecards and my love for the twelve days of Christmas song combined to inspire the twelves cats Christmas card.

The twelve cats of Christmas and other ecards that will be released in the upcoming weeks are anticipated to aid in the fundraising efforts for Hope Spring water Christmas. For the Hope Spring fundraising platform and for charities in the UK generally, the holiday season around December is one of the busiest times.

Hope Spring will be able to finance some of their outstanding well and borehole projects in 2023 because to an effective fundraising effort in the final quarter of this year. On the Hope Spring ecards website, you may browse and send the twelve cats of Christmas ecards. On their homepage, you may discover additional details about their clean water advocacy initiatives.